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शनिवार, 30 जुलाई 2022

Akola Shocking Gold News: 2 kg gold, 100 kg silver confiscated from Mumbai-Howrah mail

Akola Shocking Gold News: 2 kg gold, 100 kg silver confiscated from Mumbai-Howrah mail

Akola By Zafar khan 
Akola: recently akola railway police seized gold and silver worth crores of rupees from Mumbai Howrah mail at Akola railway station. It contains around two kilograms of gold and around 100 kg of silver, according to information this gold and silver has arrived in Akola by Angadia Courier Service. Now who does this gold and silver belong to? The police have started an investigation in this regard.
Currently, the commercial bullions of the district has entered the railway police station and the documents related to gold and silver are being shown to the police (2 kg gold and 100 kg silver found in Mumbai-Howrah mail).The Akola Railway Police (Akola RPF) spotted a person named shubham with heavy who was traveling through the Mumbai-Howrah Mail train which had arrived at Akola railway station. In the meantime, the police who were on patrol in the train questioned him, however, he refused to check the bag. The police suspected him and detained him for questioning. Then when his bag was searched, something was found that even the police were shocked police have found a large amount of gold and silver in his bag. When the police questioned him further in this context, he replied to the police that he is working for Angadia Courier Service and the parcel was for Akola. After this, the police took him to the RPF station. As soon as he informed the officials of Angadia Courier Service, courier company's employees reached the police station.Not only this, the bullion businessmen of the district entered here. When the police checked the gold and silver, its weight was about 2 kg gold and 90 to 100 kg silver. At present, the police have started an inquiry in this regard and have informed the concerned GST department and other departments. Police and concerned departments are checking the gold and silver bill documents from the bullion dealer. However, the exact identity of the gold and silver has not been found. Because, although some gold-silver documents have been completed, other gold-silver documents are still going on. A full documentation check of these goods means that they will be returned if everything is found to be correct. However, the police has not taken any action in this regard till writing news.