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बुधवार, 1 सितंबर 2021

Took an action against many illegal businesses by roaming on a cycle

Took an action against many illegal businesses by roaming on a cycle

TCSN Desk 

By : Zafar khan Akot✍️

Hiwarkhed Police Inspector Dheeraj Chauhan has been in the headline for quite some time now. The discussion of his actions is going on among the peoples. Due to their actions against illegal business, there has been a stir among the illegal businessmen of the premises.

Hiverkhed has been very popular in the case of illegal businesses in the past, illegal business professionals show their cunning in such a way that their henchmen keeps a close watch on the police and tracks where the police team is going, and there is also intimation hence people doing illegal business are immediately alerted that the police car has gone this way and then before the arrival of the police, packing their luggage and running away immediately and the police does not gets anything ,but it is said that the police is after all the police and no criminal can escape from their eyes. 

Police Inspector Dheeraj Chauhan adopted a unique method to prove this proverb right. He visited the entire rural areas by cycle in disguise and took action against mining mafia, illegal business and booked offence after this action there is stir among criminals. There is a discussion among peoples that illegal businesses have stopped.