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बुधवार, 1 सितंबर 2021

The crime graph is decreasing in akot city due to the efficient work of Police Inspector Santosh mahalle

The crime graph is decreasing in akot city due to the efficient work of Police Inspector Santosh mahalle 

TCSN Desk 02 Sep 2021

Zafar khan Akot

In the last few years, the graph of criminal activity in Akot city seems to be decreasing, which is the result of the hard work of MLA Prakash Bharsakde and Akot city police inspector Santosh Mahalle.

Since the last two years, the crime rate has come down, due to the strict compliance of the order of Akola Police Superintendent G Sridhar, the level of crimes like theft, robbery, mutual dispute, caste dispute, murder, snatching, has completely reduced along with Due to the proper actions of the Akot traffic police, the traffic became smooth and the accidents have come down, like the preparation of a person to commit suicide by hanging was saved by the traffic police in a filmey way, as well as the COP Nasir Sheikh returns to many peoples their lost wallet and important documents, and by the efficiency of the DB team, the akot citizen are doing more respect and following laws

Along with this, a team of city police, being alert at night, transmits the information of every premises to the city police inspector every hour, which keeps a close watch on criminal activities.

Akot city being a disputed city, Thanedar Santosh Mahale had to face a lot of problems, he has worked hard to eliminate the big crime of the city. There is no doubt that illegal business like prostitute business, sand mafia, Worli Matka, gutkha, which has been going on for the last 55 to 60 years, now a day almost ended due to  the actions of Police Inspector Santosh Mahalle. The discussion is going on among the citizens that now the Worli Matka player are seen going across the outskirts of Akol district, as well as there is a stir among the domineering traders who are considered to be the big kings of gutkha. Police Inspector Santosh Mahalle has been rewarded by many religious and social organizations and felicitation ceremonies are goes organise day by day, the expectation is being expressed by the citizens that soon Akot will be declared as a zero crime city.