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शुक्रवार, 10 सितंबर 2021

Smuggler Held Precious "Sand Boa" Recovered By Akola ATC

Smuggler Held Precious "Sand Boa" Recovered By Akola ATC

TCSN Desk Akola

By : Zafar Khan✍️

sand boa, which popularly known as two headed non-venomous snake, a smuggler with sand boa arrested by ATC akola. From the last few days, more cases of smuggling of (Sand Boa) tow-head snakes has came into light in the district, in this case various actions have been taken by the Akola Police from time to time. It is believed that the

Two-faced snake is used in the manufacturing of various medicines, and it is also associated with superstition related to money, due to which its smuggling increased now a day, but whatever the case may be, the akola police comes in action as soon as the information received reagrding smugling, and arrests the smugglers and handover this two head snake to forest department to save its life and for further legal process.

A similar case came up on Thursday 9th September when ATC chief Akola Vilas Patil got secret information that some people are illegally smuggling two head snakes near Balapur highway and doing sale and purchase, as soon as the information was received, the ATC team

conducted a raid. That, seeing the arrival of the police, they fled, but Bandu Deshmukh, a resident of Matargaon district Buldhana, was arrested along with a two head snake whose weight was said to be about 300 grams and its value was estimated to be around Rs 5 lakh. The said operation was carried out by atc team chief Vilas Patil.