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बुधवार, 1 सितंबर 2021

PSI Rajesh Javre's action mode created a stir in city's criminals

PSI Rajesh Javre's action mode created a stir in city's criminals

TCSN Desk Akot

By:: Zafar khan✍️

Now a day crime ratio in akot city has been decreased after charge taken by Police sub-inspector rajesh javre. The proverb proved to be true that no criminal can escape from the eyes of the police.

The city of Akot is a disputed city, as well as a large area considered to be a stronghold of crime, which is close to the border of Madhya Pradesh on one side and on the other hand is connected to the dense forest area. Being in the middle of two states, news of various types of illegal business published in various publications many times, on which the police have took action many times.

It's a challenging criteria for police superintendent to elect a inspecter and sub inspector for Akot so that there should be peace and maintain law and order that's why any Superintendent of Police of akola sends only promising officer employees to Akot PSI Rajesh javre one of those promising officers. After taking a charge as police sub inspector of Akot city by javre there are stir among illegal businesses and criminals hence crime graphs in akot decreased. Decreasing crime graph in akot city is also result of hard work of PI Santosh Mahalle, Akot Police has always been seen in human service work. In this regard Maharashtra president of All india Journalist association (AIJ) Saeed shaikh said there team will discuss with governor and home ministry to appreciate akot police's social and commendable work.