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सोमवार, 6 सितंबर 2021

Police Inspector Vilas Patil felicitated by "Raj Rajeshwar Palkhi Committee"

Police Inspector Vilas Patil felicitated by "Raj Rajeshwar Palkhi Committee"

Akola's traffic system improved after taking over charge by him.

TCSN Desk 07 Sep 21

By : Zafar Khan Akola✍️

There has been a lot of improvement in the traffic system of the city, the traffic has become smooth after police inspector Vilas Patil took over the charge of the traffic department.

Due to taking charge of the traffic department several times, he has good experience in the traffic system of the city, in view of this, after the transfer of police inspector Gajanan Shelke, the superintendent of police has entrusted him with the responsibility of the city traffic department. he has contributed greatly to akola's traffic smooth functioning.

The construction of flyover bridge on a large scale is going on in the city, due to which controlling the traffic is quite a challenge for the traffic police, but under the leadership of Vilas Patil, the traffic team seems to be controlling the traffic very well.

Recently, the Kaval festival is over, in which devotees bring water from the river of Gandhigram to the Rajarajeshwar temple till 4 Monday, in view of the festival, the traffic police department working diligently and did not allow the traffic to be interrupted, in view of this the Rajarajeshwar Palkhi Committee felicitated to Police Inspector Vilas Patil was.

Now it remains to be seen whether the traffic system of the city will remain smooth like this or the problem of traffic jam will become a headache.