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बुधवार, 1 सितंबर 2021

PDS Grain going for black marketing confiscated by Akola LCB

PDS Grain going for black marketing confiscated by Akola LCB 


By: Zafar khan Akola✍️

Government of india provides a grain to needy peoples with affordable price by public distribution system (PDS) but some traders do the black marketing of this PDS Grain in local market, one such case came to light in Hiwarkhed of Akola district where Akola LCB seized goods worth about 44 lakhs.LCB's newly appointed police inspector Santosh Mahalle led team API Nitin Chavan along with his associates, Manoj Nagmote, Firoz khan, Shakti Kamble, Sandip katkar, Anil Rathod, Sandip Tale,Ganesh Pandey, Rajpal Thakur, Gita Awachar carried, out the raid.

Due to the action, there has been a stir among the PDS grain mafia. According to the information received to the current scenario, The local crime branch had received secret information that government grain was kept in a godown at the Hivarkhed to Wari road. Kaushal Kishore Gupta and his colleague Suresh Jagannath Tawri were going to sell wheat and rice goods of PDS government grain in the black market. Based on this information, the police conducted raids. During this time government food grains were being loaded in MH-43Y-0778, MH-29 AT-0035, MH-68 GO-174 Bolero Pickup, MH-04 CU-4927 Tata vehicle. In this raid LCB team recovered all Grain, the siezed goods are said to be worth of 44 lakh