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बुधवार, 1 सितंबर 2021

Crime rate decreased in akot fail area due to PI mahendra kadam

Crime rate decreased in akot fail area due to PI mahendra kadam

TCSN Desk 02 Sep 21

By: Sayyad Zamir Akola

Now a day the crime rate in akot fail area has been decreased after taking a charge of akot fail police station by Mahendra Kadam, the graph of criminal activity in Akot fail area is seems to be decreasing, which is the result of efficient work of PI kadam and his team.

Since the last years, the crime rate has come down, due to the strict compliance of the order of Akola Police Superintendent G Sridhar, the level of crimes like theft, robbery, mutual dispute, caste dispute, murder, snatching, has completely reduced due to the proper actions of the Akot fail police, the traffic became smooth and the accidents in area have came down, PI mahendra kadam also do the social policing which creat impact on peoples life to maintain peace and follow law and order, akot fail's citizen are doing more respect and following laws

Along with this, a DB team of police, being alert at night and transmits the information of every premises to the PI kadam at every hour, which keeps a close watch on criminal activities. This activity makes diffrent akot fail police from others and hence the crime rate are continuously are in decline state, Citizens and social workers of the area are seen appreciating the work of Akot File Police.