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बुधवार, 1 सितंबर 2021

Cheques distributed under "Sanugrah Nidhi" by MLA Rajkumar patel

Cheques distributed under "Sanugrah Nidhi" by MLA Rajkumar patel 


By: Zafar khan Amravati 

Melghat MLA Rajkumar Patel handed over a cheques of Rs 4 lakh under "Sanugrah Nidhi" to Omprakash Mahalle's wife Savita Mahalle, who was swept away by the floods in Bheleshwari river at Shindi Bu. near Pathrot.

The Bhuleshwari river was flooded due to heavy rains of last week during wich a youth named Omprakash Mahalle from Shindi Bu was swept away. He was found dead near the bridge at the next day. His wife Smt.Savita Mahalle was given a check of Rs 4 lakh by MLA Rajkumar Patel.

Tehsildar Madan Jadhav, Prahar's Deepak Bhore, Madhuappa Ingle, Mayur Lahane, Satish Kalpande, Shiv Sena's Amol Tikhile, Deputy Surpanch Shahnadbhai and many Prahar activists was present at this time.

The MLAs instructed the tehsildar to give the benefit of "Antyodaya Yojana" to the wife of the deceased and also assured the villagers to raise the bridge over the river.