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गुरुवार, 2 सितंबर 2021

CBI detains Anil Deshmukh’s lawyer, Arrested sub-inspector

CBI detains Anil Deshmukh’s lawyer, Arrested sub-inspector 

TCSN Desk 

By: Zafar Khan 02 Sep 2021

Maharashtra's buzzing anil deshmukh case got new path. Deshmukh’s son-in-law, Gaurav Chaturvedi, go after a few hours but detained lawyer Anand Daga, who was travelling with him when their car was intercepted by the CBI at Worli Seaface at around 7 pm.The CBI Wednesday detained the lawyer of former Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh, questioned the NCP leader’s son-in-law and arrested a Sub-Inspector of the agency in connection with the alleged leak of an official report on its investigation into allegations of policemen being coerced by Deshmukh to collect bribes on his behalf.

Later, the CBI said in a statement that it has registered a case against  Sub-Inspector Abhishek Tiwari and unknown others on allegations, including “illegal gratification”. “During the investigation of said (Deshmukh) case, CBI has today arrested the Sub Inspector. The said advocate is being questioned. Searches were conducted at Allahabad and Delhi,”