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शनिवार, 4 सितंबर 2021

AMC Encroachment department employees defying covid19 rules

AMC Encroachment Department Employees Defying Covid19 Rules!! 

It seems they are fearless from spread of corona virus!!

TCSN Desk 04 sep

Zafar khan Akola

The Encroachment employees of AMC doesn't follows covid rules even The Government of India is organizing various types of public awareness programs so that the practice of 

wearing masks will increases but AMC's encroachment department employees are defying orders, It seems that they haven't any fear of spread of corona virus they are own authority they will do whatever they want even they haven't any fear of administration.

Recently AMC launched  Anti-encroachment campaign in which department are removing all type of encroachment in market, but without following any covid19 rules? Whereas the Encroachment Department has more contact with the public in this situation avoiding covid rules are very risky.

Here it is like thinking that the Municipal Corporation akola has also charged a hefty fine by campaigning against those who do not wear masks, but today the employees of the same Municipal Corporation are seen roaming around by defying the rules ,it is a matter of discussion among intellectuals that when municipal corporation's employees are not following the rules, then what will the general public do?? 

In this context, when the municipal corporation Commissioner was contacted, she refused to respond, but said that wearing a mask is must.