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बुधवार, 1 सितंबर 2021

Adv. Najeeb Sheikh rejoined Samajwadi Party

State President Abu Azmi has appointed to Adv Najib as the Secretary of Maharashtra

TCSN Desk Akola

By: Zafar khan ✍️

Another name of social and legal help in akola is Najib shaikh 

For the fighting with the administration and government for the rights of the common people is the identity of him. He had earlier resigned from the Samajwadi Party due to ideological disputes with some local leaders

Samajwadi Party chief general secretary Pervez Siddiqui consulted with state president MLA Abu Azmi to include him in the party's state executive, finally MLA Abu Asim Azmi appointed to Adv Najib as a maharashtra state secretary. With the appointment of Adv Najeeb Sheikh a wave of happiness has spread among the Samajwadi Party workers in the state including Akola.