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गुरुवार, 2 अप्रैल 2020

Toxic Work Culture says "To Kill Humanity"

Toxic Work Culture says "To Kill Humanity"

I left my job because I trolled by my age

If helping is bad then I think doctors and soldiers would be your go-to answer!

Thu 2 April 2020
    All of us need to live our lives. Some of us are living for others, while some of us are living for ourselves. Everyone has the right to live their life according to their conditions. But still, there is one condition that is unconditional: not to hurt anyone. If you think about those who care about others in times of tragedy, I think doctors and soldiers would be your go-to answer!
I am battling with philophobia or the phobia of falling in love, and yes,sometimes I am an overthinker, as the gossip suggests. In my opinion, thinking too much is bad, but thinking about the future or for someone is not that bad. People say think about your present, but the truth is, your present steps will decide your future. If a student wants to become a doctor in future, in their present, they will have to take the science stream.
I left my job due to its toxic work culture, where I was trolled due to my age, as I was elder to them. I had some authority to manage the staff and arrange their duties, though I had joined that company as a PR professional. Though there was no work related to my job profile as the company was a startup, somehow I tried to adjust myself in that atmosphere. However, I soon realised that neither does a company owe their employee anything, nor does an employee owe anything to their company.
They aren’t giving us a gift by paying our salaries. They are giving us a salary because we are working for them. It is a give and take relation. Leaving a job is not quitting, it simply means that I am changing my route to reach my goal. I don’t know why people laugh at it; it is better than your boss firing you.
I am apparently ‘Buzurg’ or one can say ‘Purane Zamane ki’ (of the previous generation), since I made a rule that using abusive language at work is fine-worthy. I was criticised for this and probably by doing this, I made lots of mistakes, as I am not in my youth.

1) I shared my lunch with those who were living in PGs or on rent. I should have thought about my hungry stomach first.
2) I should not have sent a colleague to a meeting with a client, because he was my client. They say a woman’s greatest enemy is another woman. I gave a chance to a fresher who wanted to prove herself. That was my mistake.

3) I should not have taken a stand for a girl and my boss when people were making fun of their language and their English.

4) I should not have taken a stand for my colleague when everyone wanted to replace her from her field job.

5) I should not have given my salary to those, who were excited about their first salary.By thinking for others, if choosing not to abuse or drink, if that makes me ‘Buzurg’ and ‘Purane zamane ka’, then what is the meaning of youth? The youth has a role to renew and refresh the current status of our society, including leadership, innovation and skills, not to disrespect others.

If using abusive language is a ‘right’ for the youth, similarly not using abusive language is a discipline. If having a drink is making anyone cool, then not having a drink is making me disciplined.  Neither does it make me old fashioned nor does it make you today’s youth.