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बुधवार, 15 अप्रैल 2020

Murder accused granted bail

Murder accused granted bail

The deceased Anand Khare and accused Vicky Mahto both are neighbours. 

◼️By Zafar Khan✍️
15 Apr 2020 Nagpur
The allegations against Vicky Mahto were that, on 12 jan 2020, while accused Vicky Mahto was sitting in front of house of Anand Khare, Anand Khare has scolded Vicky as to why he was sitting infront of his house. This led to quarrel between the two. Thereafter both of them started assaulting each other and in the quarrel Vicky Mahto had given a blow of knife on the abdomen of Anand Khare. Anand khare was taken the hospital where he was declared dead.
Deceased has suffered 3 injuries due to blows given by Vicky. The report of incidence was lodged by wife of Anand khare. Vicky Mahto was arrested on 12 jan 2020 and produced before court on 13 jan 2020. Adv Mir Nagman Ali appeared for Vicky Mahto.