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शुक्रवार, 17 जनवरी 2020

Teacher released on bail in murder case

Teacher released on bail in murder case

◼️By: Zafar Khan
Nagpur, 17-Jan-2020
Justice V M Deshpande has directed Namdev Bhoge to be released on bail. arrested   on   21 jul 2019   in   connection   with   Crime No.350/2019,  registered  with  Police  Station,  Gadchiroli,  for an  offence  punishable  under  Sections  302,  201  and  34  of  the Indian  Penal  Code  (IPC).

It was alleged that Namdev had committed murder of Chandraprabha  as he was having illicit relations with her.
The case of prosecution was that Dead  body  of  a  woman  was  found  to  be floating in  river  Pora  by  Kiran  Kowase.    He  then  gave  an  intimation of  the  same  to  one  Tulshiram  Kowase.    They  firstly  tried  to identify  the  dead  body. However,  in  vain.  They  subsequently reported  the  said  fact  to  Police  Station,  Gadchiroli.    On receipt   of   such   an   information, Accidental   Death   No. 49/2019  was registered  and  the  inquiry  was entrusted  to PSI  Shivraj  Kadam,  who  visited  the  spot  of  the  incident.    The police  party  also  noticed  presence  of  one  two wheeler  having registration  No.  MH-33/U-1607,  an  Activa  scooty.    The  dead body  was  identified  by  Santosh  Appalwar  to  be  of  his unmarried sister,Chandraprabha. 4. PSI  Kadam  then  lodged  a  report  on  behalf  of  the State  against  unknown  person  for  committing  murder  of Chandraprabha  vide   crime  No.350/2019  for  an  offence punishable  under  Sections  302  and  201  of  the  IPC.    During investigation  of  the  said  crime,  relations  of  the  applicant with  the  deceased  were  revealed  that  in  spite  of  he  being  the married   one,   he  kept  extra  marital  relations   with  the unmarried  woman.  He  was,  therefore,  arrested.    After  arrest, as  per  the  charge-sheet,  on  22.07.2019,  the  applicant  took out  key  of  the  scooty  from  house  of  deceased  vide  seizure panchanama.

It was submitted that merely because applicant was having illicit relations with deceased does not mean that he has committed her murder.

It was submitted that, chargesheet shows one Sharad Kasture had taken loan of Rs 55000/- from deceased and he was behind the murder of deceased.

It was submitted that this being case resting on circumstancial evidence, accused deserved to be granted bail.

Adv Mir Nagman Ali appeared for Namdev Bhoge.