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मंगलवार, 7 जनवरी 2020

Hurted by the indecent behavior of BDO and CDO, ADO Panchayat in-charge had hanged

Hurted by the indecent behavior of BDO and CDO, ADO Panchayat in-charge had hanged

By:SP Tiwari/Nityanand Bajpayee
Lakhimpur Khiri, 7 January 2020
The son lost his father and a women lost his husband Despite this, the responsible top officers and police departments are leaving no stone unturned, to false self-made statements to protect the accused officers.

Even after 24 hours of receiving the complaint, the delay in filing the report is being done. The case is of block development (Behjam). The Assistant Development Officer Panchayat Ramchandra, posted in charge, ended his life by writing a suicide note on Saturday night after being fed up with harassment and indecent behavior and unbearable words made by Block Development Officer Dharmesh Chandra Pandey and Chief Development Officer Arvind Singh. .
Even earlier, a Panchayat Secretary, Trivendra, was hurt by being insulted by the use of vulgar words and was forced to embrace death.Among the family members of the deceased, son Sandeep Kumar, son Ramchandra, while making a complaint in the police station Nimgaon has alleged that there father Ramchandra was posted in block Behjam on the post of Assistant Development Officer Panchayat in charge.

Apart from this post, he also had charge of several gram panchayats. Chief Development Officer Arvind Singh used to be called my father on Sundays and other holidays and used to pressure him to fine-tune the transactions.

At the same time, Block Development Officer Behjam Dharmesh Chandra Pandey used to call my father at 11:00 pm to get a gas cylinder. Not only this, many times the caste words by the said officers such as "he is not worth the job". The account of his transaction is not good "I will send you to jail in any fake investigation and will also take a job"

 The deceased went to Ramchandra Vikas Bhavan. After returning from there, he went to his development block Behjam, where he also received the threat of scolding and caste-related words from the block development officer Dharmesh Chandra Pandey. Due to this, Ramchandra came home and told the troubled recent stories to his wife and son. The ADO Panchayat Behajam, who had been humiliated for a long time. He could not tolerate insult to himself and his caste.And he ended his life

Before dying, the deceased Ramachandra wrote two suicide notes, one of which said to his son about taking care of his mother and never meeting family members. At the same time, the second suicide note mentions himself being very upset and having a lot of fear of CDO.