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बुधवार, 1 जनवरी 2020

Big land mafia still holds government land

Big land mafia still holds government land

Jhabua MP
By: Rahim Sherani
Encroachment removal drive is going on all over Jhabua district but permanent and major encroachments are not being removed in the campaign. The administration is removing teen sheds, hoardings, boards etc. of the poor peopel.

The administration is also unable to look towards the government ponds. The life of the general public is directly related to this. The occupation of the pond continued to increase in this way, so the day is not far when the water level of the land of the city will be reduced so much that there will be a yearning for water. Bahadur Sagar Lake is losing its shape due to its neglect due to encroachment from all four sides.
Both governments talked about the beautification of Bahadur Sagar Talab in their election agenda, but did nothing on the ground. It is worth considering that the pond which can give revenue of crores to the municipality failed to give satisfactory results to the public on that pond. This pond was spread over 6 8 bighas in the princely state.

Which has now been reduced to 63 bighas. The pond was once a major source of water supply to the city. Which has now shrunk to 5 bighas. Lighting fountains and trees were planted on the island, only two exist now in dozens of ghats around the pond. Public wells adjacent to the pond turned into private property.

There is a danger of spreading the disease in a pond that has been transformed into an open safety tank due to the direct mixing of hundreds of houses in Pipli Naka to Maruti Nagar. Illegal cultivation of lotus is being done in a pond covered with hyacinth. Illegal fish farming is being done in Bahadur Sagar pond. Night and day the catch of the fish takes place.

Fishes of the pond are being sold in the fish market of the city. The administration never fined anyone. The then CMO CP Rai had installed lighting fountains and trees on the island of Bahadur Sagar Lake. Today, the island is deserted, on which millions were spent. Ranatlab of 31 bighas remained half, 11 encroachments marked. administration of the Ranapur Patrika  also shows that the demarcation of Rana Talab was also done by forming a joint team from the district on 1 September 2014 about 5 years ago.

The demarcation report at that time has not been made public till date.