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शनिवार, 18 जनवरी 2020

APCR organized a Free Legal Aid Camp

APCR organized a Free Legal Aid Camp

◼️By Farhan Ameen
New Delhi,18 January 2020
Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR) organized a free Legal Aid Camp at Jama Masjid Gate No.1 Delhi. The Camp started on 8:00 P.M and ended on  11 P.M.
First of all Adv Shoeb K Inamdar, National Assistant Coordinator of APCR gave the introduction and importance of free legal aid camp and its benefits to the protesters of the society.
Adv Firoz, Delhi High Court, explained the different provisions of law relating to illegal detention and illegal arrest as Indian Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, & Protection of Women during the protest.
Adv Anwar Delhi APCR secretary and Adv Maqsoos, Delhi High Court also expressed their legal procedure in legal aid camp can help in solving their legal problem. Some local residents asked their solution for the legal problems they are facing in the present situation such as physical assault, property seiz ,illegal detention and arrest police atrocity etc.
APCR informed the public that if any query they can contact our legal Team located in APCR Headquarter E 89, Hari Kothi, Abul Fazal Enclave Okhla, New Delhi.
The camp was coordinated by Mushfiq Raza Khan, Assistant coordinator with the help of Owais Aalam.