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शुक्रवार, 13 दिसंबर 2019

UNICEF's State Representative explained to the villagers about Nutrition and Vaccination

UNICEF's State Representative explained to the villagers about Nutrition and Vaccination

Jhabua (MP)
Rahim Sherani
Mandal Utsav were organized in village Mal Khandvi of Jhabua district. In this Mandal celebration of children, UNICEF's State Representative Michael Zuma spoke to the villagers and children of Mandal Toli who had come from many villages, representative talked with villagers about care of child marriage, nutrition vaccination.In this event, the children of Mandal Toli, while conducting the program by Sheela Damor and Bablu Damor of village Gopalpura, made many presentations related to child marriage, nutrition, malaria, education etc.

The children of Gopalpura presented a drama about child marriage. Children of village Kheri presented very good information about body mass index. Cildren also Presented a song about the evils of societyMichael Zuma of UNICEF talks to children about anemia vaccination, hygiene education and child rights and requested him that wherever he sees such deficiencies around him, he should make a program of public consciousness,
Michael also told everyone about the safety of girls Warned and especially requested girls to be able to come, the children of Mandal fair also played many rural games and all the people to the tune of Mandal Many officials from the UNICEF joined with the guests, including Mr. Anil Gulati Communications Specialist Dr. Vandana Bhatia, Health and Inflammation Government, Ujjain Balanch, Mr. Satish Dave, providing many

information to the children and villagers about child rights and health in the program. Ramchand, the sarpanch of Village Patdi also attended the event!