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शुक्रवार, 20 दिसंबर 2019

The President of the upcoming session 2020-21 of the Rotary Club will be on an official visit to Jhabua on 21 December

Jhabua (MP)
Ali Asgar Bohara
The important meeting of Rotary Club Jhabua was held at the residence of Umang Saxena, Assistant Divisional Head of Rotary Division 3040. In which the programs were decided mainly on December 21 on the official visit of Rotary Mandal Dhirendra Dutta to Jhabua.
Later on this occasion Manoj Arora and Secretary Karthik Neema, Chairman of the upcoming session 2020-21 of Rotary Club Main and Mrs. Archana Rathore, President of the year 2021-22, were nominated on this occasion.

The announcement of opening of the meeting was made by Assistant Divisional Officer Umang Saxena. After giving information, former Assistant Divisional Head and Senior Rotarian Yashwant Bhandari informed that today this meeting will be done to decide the schedule of the arrival of Jhabua of Rotary Mandal 3040 Governor Ron Dhirendra Dutta and nominating the Presidents of the upcoming two sessions of Rotary Club today.