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गुरुवार, 19 दिसंबर 2019

The collector launched the 'Sahaj Payment Service Vehicle' flagged off.

The collector launched the 'Sahaj Payment Service Vehicle' flagged off.

Jhabua (MP)
Ali Asgar Bohra
Madhya Pradesh West Zone Electricity Distribution Company (Vidyut Mandal Jhabua) has prepared a promotional vehicle 'Sahaj Payment Service Vehicle' for providing information related to electricity in rural areas of the district. It was inaugurated by Collector Prabal Sipaha on Tuesday, 17 December, in the afternoon at the Collectorate office premises.
Giving information in the above context, Umashankar Patidar, Assistant Engineer of the Electricity Board, Jhabua, said that on this publicity vehicle, the Indira Griha Jyoti Yojana, Indira Kisan Jyoti Yojana, run by the Madhya Pradesh government, along with the electricity of the villagers and farmers by the Madhya Pradesh government With the knowledge of the facilities and other schemes being provided, it is mainly for immediate payment of electricity bill.
If there will be electricity payment on time, then consumers will be facilitated. According to Patidar assistant engineer if the electricity bill is paid on time, then the Electricity Board will not face any difficulty in providing electricity uninterrupted, while the electricity bill on time Consumers will also be facilitated by payment. For this purpose, by preparing this vehicle, it will work in the rural areas of the district to make electricity consumers aware. Officers and employees of the Electricity Board were also present at the launch of the vehicle.