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शुक्रवार, 20 दिसंबर 2019

The bull reached to the third floor to see the view of the city

The bull reached to the third floor to see the view of the city

Paliyan Khiri
SP Tiwari/Rahul Gupta
A giant bull climbed on the third floor of the municipal complex in front of the city's Community Health Center. seeing the sight of the people away from the roof, the eyes of the people fell on the bull and there was a stir among the nearby people. Hearing the noise, all the townspeople reached the spot. BJP worker Anand Shah gave full information by phone to the Municipality EO, but none of the municipality employees reached the spot nor adopted any method to get the bull off the roof.
All night the bull rested on the roof of the complex. With the support of all the townspeople who arrived in the morning, the bull was barely lowered from the roof. Palia's municipal administration is very careless. The city is dominated by all the chaos, but the municipal administration is not paying attention to the prevailing Inconvenience.

Dirty and high heaps of garbage in the streets / drains of the city are giving open feast to life-threatening diseases. The residents have also demanded from municipal administration several times for the cleaning garbage to the municipal administration several times, but no action has been done till date. Due to this apathetic attitude of the municipality administration, there is widespread anger among the townspeople.