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गुरुवार, 19 दिसंबर 2019

SP activists demonstrated overwhelmingly against the Citizen Amendment Bill

SP activists demonstrated overwhelmingly against the Citizen Amendment Bill

Lakhimpur kheri
S.P.Tiwari / Kuldeep Singh
Hundreds of activists of the Samajwadi Party, who took to the streets in protest against the Citizens Amendment Bill, were arrested by the police forcibly loaded into vehicles. On Thursday, hundreds of Samajwadi Party workers gathered from Lohia Bhawan and reached the wiloby premises shouting slogans.The police, already deployed, arrested them forcibly loaded in vehicles. After the arrest all samajvadi activists were brought to the police line ground.
The enthusiasm of these activists did not decrease and there were shouting slogans. Police vehicles were being carried from the place to the police line.In the protesters are former Sadar MLA Utkarsh Verma, former Srinagar Assembly MLA Ramsharan, former MLA RA Usmani, Kasta MLA Sunil Bhargava Lala, Samajwadi Party District President Qayum Khan, former District Speaker Anurag Patel,
Srinagar Assembly Speaker Trilok  Singh, Nighasan Assembly Speaker Omkar Singh, Palia Assembly Speaker Javed Akhtar, former District Vice President  Dozens of socialist activists, including T. Kumar Singh, Monis Ansari, Alish Shahwaz, Akhilesh Shukla "Monu, District Vice President Ajay Singh and Shiv Shankar, Manar General Secretary Naresh Yadav, State Secretary Ram Lakhan Patwa, Parul Gupta, Anita Yadav  Arrested against.On the other hand, the people of the CPI also reached Nasruddin Mauji Hall's premises, shouting slogans in protest against the Citizens Amendment Bill led by kamrade Krishna Adhikari, but the police stationed there also arrested them and reached the police line.  Criticizing the Citizen Amendment Bill passed by the Modi government and termed it wrong.