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बुधवार, 1 जनवरी 2020

Saryu Cooperative Sugar Mill breaks old record for 40 years

Saryu Cooperative Sugar Mill breaks old record for 40 years

Nighasan Khiri
Chaman Singh Rana/Sonu Pandey
The recovery of Saryu Cooperative Sugar Mill Belrayan has increased from nine to 11. The sugar mill has broken the record for the last 40 years. The Sugar tested by the lab are also good by national resource standards. The farmers have presented a bouquet to the GM and demanded that the sugar mill be run properly.
Belrayan sugar mill GM Sushil Kumal Gaur said that to increase the recovery of the sugar mill, he had worked on paying attention to the repair of old machines. Initially, the problem of running sugar mill had to be tackled, but now sugar mill is crushing sugarcane according to 53 thousand quintal daily. He said that the sugar produced in the sugar mill has also gone above the standards of the National Institute.

Sales tax payment of about Rs. 40 lakh has been given to the farmers even after Bagas was sent to the government factories Baghpat and Rudrapur to pay the dues of the sugar mill. Many farmers including sugar mill operator Vinod Verma, MK Verma met the sugar mill GM and presented a bouquet and demanded to run the sugar mill more properly.