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शुक्रवार, 13 दिसंबर 2019

Mass wedding ceremony on 15 December in Indore

Mass wedding ceremony on 15 December in Indore

TCS deck 
Indore (M.P)
Tahir Kamaal Siddiqui
Better results of Ijtemai(mass wedding ceremony) marriage are coming out. Now it is easy for poor daughters to get married in the city. The Ijtemai wedding will be held on 15 December tomorrow under the banner of the "Garib Nawaz Welfare Society" Which will have 30 pairs of will get married. While giving the information, Chairman of the committee Qutubuddin Tony Chaudhary, Shakeel Khan, Zahid Khan, Riyaz Khilji, Sajid Guddu, Javed Habib said that in the fourteenth Ijtemai wedding of Garib Nawaz Welfare Society, 30 couples will be married. All the members are working to make the wedding on the land of Khajrana's Dargah grounds special.
It is a matter of appreciation that the committee's approval is also seen in this institution's Ijtemai wedding. Wedding arrangements are done in royal style. The organizers try to make sure that all the members come together as if their family members are getting married, taking care of all facilities.Different groups of bride and groom have been made, identity cards of all the volunteers have also been made.
All the information is being shared in the WhatsApp group of the committee regarding the wedding preparations and the companions are being updated. All the couples will be given the needy things of the family as a gift from the same institution. Community dinner is also arranged.