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बुधवार, 25 दिसंबर 2019

Many exploits of bankey ganj check post incharge

Many exploits of bankey ganj check post incharge...!!

Gola Khiri UP
SP Tiwari/Pawan Saxena
The case is in the district of Lakhimpur Kheri block Bankeganj, where the outpost incharge Anekpal Singh is doing his arbitrary work.

Case No.1: A minor boy living near Jankidevi Kanya Inter College is caught by the police in the middle of the night only because he was suspected of missing someone's mobile. On 19-12-19 Gram Panchayat Khanjanpur's village head Pankaj Kumar's mobile was lost in which the written information about the mobile was lost by the head was given in Bankeganj Chowki (outpost). He did not suspect anyone or write anyone's name in it. But the location of the mobile was showing near Janki Devi Inter College, only this type of information was given by the village head to the outpost incharge.
On this basis, the outpost incharge raided the house near Janki Devi Inter College located at village Motipur in the night and caught the minor boy Heera Singh when the boy's mother asked what was the reason for my boy, he is being caught in the middle of the night, on which the police soldiers  said that we will tell in the morning.
In the morning, when the village head talked to Pankaj, it was found that on the basis of suspicion of theft of the mobile of the village head, the police had raided the night while the village head did not nominate anyone in the complaint. During the talks with the media, the village head himself said that no innocent should be punished. The matter has now been defused with the prudence of the head.

Case N0-2: The case of village Haripur of Gram Panchayat Grant N10 where an elderly woman who has two daughters is in dispute with a person from a neighborhood which is a dispute related to land on which by the victim  complaint letter was also given to the post, on 11 December but the outpost incharge did not take the matter to the notice or send it to anyone from the post.
Case 03: A few days ago, on the night of 7 December, near the primary school in Bankeganj, the thieves targeted two houses and a shop, which would be about 150 meters from the police station. Whose news was also prominently published in many newspapers. The police has so far failed to find a clue.
Case 4: On the night of 20 December, the thieves again broke the lock of two shops and a house and stole thousands including cash. On Friday night, the thieves broke the lock of Kishanlal Goyal's shop and Jayaram's kiosk, located on Kukra Road in Bankeganj town, and took the cash kept there. Later, in Motipur village, thieves broke into the lock of Radhe's vacant house, but the thieves' hands remained empty. All this is happening, but these days the work of the police has become like just walking around on the roads with a whistle.On this, when media personnel spoke to the top officer Ravindra Verma, he gave a strong rebuke to the Bankeganj Outpost Incharge, Anek Pal and gave strict instructions not to repeat such mistake in future.