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शनिवार, 21 दिसंबर 2019

Children sang carol songs in Meghnagar St. Arnold's School

Children sang carol songs in Meghnagar St. Arnold's School

Jhabua MP
Rahim Sherani 
In the Meghnagar St. Arnold School premises, Christmas Day week was celebrated with great enthusiasm on Saturday. Santa spread joy by offering toffees and gifts to the children. On this occasion, many cultural programs were organized from the stage of St. Arnold's school campus.
Christmas festival is celebrated every year on 25 December on the auspicious date of the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus did not believe in high and low discrimination.He used to talk about service and charity in his teachings.Everybody celebrates this festival with great enthusiasm and joy.
On Saturday, the trees in the school gardens were decorated with toffees, colored balls and flowers. At the same time, the children wore masks of Santa Claus and distributed gifts to each other and enjoyed the gifts of the children in the form of Santa Claus by the children of the school, and the festival was organized by dancing with entertainment.
The Principal of the school, Father Andr, said that the Christmas festival is a very big festival for the Christian community. It is celebrated all over the world. This festival brings a message of purity and happiness in us. At the same time, it motivates us to follow the paths and high ideals of Christ.

Rotary Club Secretary Sumit Mutha, senior journalist Salim Sherani, Manish Girdhari Nilesh Bhanpuria, Rahim Sherani, Manish Nahata Jain, and the station in-charge Kaushalya Chauhan also gave a congratulatory message on the Christmas festival and said that all the festivals celebrated in India should be celebrated in schools due to which message of mutual brotherhood goes among the children.