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बुधवार, 25 दिसंबर 2019

Annual meeting of Pasagwan Press Club concludes

Annual meeting of Pasagwan Press Club concludes

Jang bahadurganj
Ajay Dwivedi/Rajiv Dixit
The annual meeting of the Pasagwan Press Club was held in Pasagwan Auditorium under the chairmanship of Patron Arbind Kumar Shukla. The proceedings of the last meeting were read out by the Minister, Ashish Shukla. Dissolve old committee with passing unanimous decision after deliberating on adding new members to the meeting, helping the journalists, restructuring the press club, registration, swearing, publicity, new year meeting, promotion member and monthly fee etc, were done.
After the meeting, the patron doctor Dinesh Sharma prayed for peace of soul by keeping two minutes silent on the demise of his mother. After which, for the next three years, Shrikant Singh unanimously appointed Dr. Dinesh Sharma and Aurobind Shukla as patron, Brij Kumar Singh as Chairman, Ashish Shukla as General Secretary, Indrapal as Treasurer Jaigopal Kashyap and Sher Singh Rathore as Vice President, Ashish Pandey as Media Incharge, Dr. Omkar Saxena, Anangpal Singh and Swamdayal were elected as Minister of Organization. During this, members Mohammad Arif, Mohammad Hasim, Aurobind Kumar, Mahatab Alam, Ankit Trivedi, Ajay Dwivedi, Sarvesh Babu Mishra Kamal Kishore, Anil Chauhan, Kuldeep Singh, Deepak Kumar and Yasin were present.