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शनिवार, 21 दिसंबर 2019

After all, how did Nazul's property become personal property?

After all, how did Nazul's property become personal property?

Jhabua MP
Rahim Sherani
How the officers made land worth millions of rupees of Nazul as the property of private people, the view of this can be seen in the entire district.In Jhabua city, the pavement (foot path) was also registered, while any kind of construction on the pavement cannot be maintained even to the permanent board, but shops were built on it.
In this thousands of rupees every month goes to charge. is Even if the footpath is in a street or village, one can assume that the officials would not have seen it, but it is at Rajwada, which is called the heart site of the city.At Rajwada Chowk, about 90 square feet of pavement was registered and shops were opened on it. After a 90-square-foot registry, these shopkeepers doubled the encroachment by constructing concrete outside the road drains. The market price of land here is 14 to 15 thousand square feet. After registration of 90 sq ft, 150 sq ft land has been encroached upon. The price of this land is worth at least 22 lakh rupees from today's price.

It is also important that the pavement on either side of the part that has been registered is of Nazul. That means one part private rest government. This part is not shown to the administration. In the name of encroachment all the nomads are removed here, but this part is not visible to the administration.The interesting thing is that a pavement registered. The footpath was not done in the streets or markets of the city, but this encroachment is also hiding the cultural heritage.

There is no sight of any responsible on this. Administration has taken action in another direction.Under Operation Clean, the administration has to take action against the land mafia, but the administration has moved the action in another direction. Where houses built on the land of poor people are being demolished. There is also opposition to taking action against the wrong people in the city.

People say that there are encroachments in more than 100 places in the city, in which there are more than 40 places where permanent  encroachments are misusing government land for years.The main attraction of the city is Rajwada losing its existence. Prepared a paved stage outside the Rajwada for various political events.It is of no use to the general public.

Rajwada has been completely submerged in the east direction due to the lax attitude of the administration on illegal pavement shops on the pavement on the road going from Rajwada to the college road. As per the rules, the external nature of heritage cannot be changed in any way. Only repairs are made. Both revenue and municipal departments are ignorant of their responsibilities and are colluding with land mafia and promoting encroachment.

Dr. Abhay Kharadi, SDM
In Meghnagar of Jhabua district, encroachers have crossed their borders. Land mafia occupied the governments land of corore.The land mafia has made complex buildings on the wells, stepwells and dirty drains,