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शुक्रवार, 20 दिसंबर 2019

Administration kind on standard opposite operated brick kilns

Administration kind on standard opposite operated brick kilns

Lakhimpur kheri
S.P.Tiwari / Nityanand Bajpai
The government where there are aware about environment.  At the same time, the administration is kind with the contrasting brick kilns operated in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve Buffer Zone. Let us know that in the North Kheri Forest Division of Nighasan Tehsil District of the district, dozens of brick industries are operated keeping behind the rules of the Environmental Pollution Control Board.
It is as the eyeglasses of commission have been put on the eyes of the responsible department, due to which they are ignoring this poisoned form of smoke installed opposite the standard. According to forest, wildlife lovers of the area, dozens of standard opposite brick industries are established and operated in the villages Bhidori, Chitiha, Niboria, Pokhari, Benipurwa, Ayodhya Purva, Sidhauna, Singha Khurd under the Bellary range of Uttar Kheri forest division (buffer zone).
The smoke coming out of the chimneys is going to the forests of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, which is also threatening the human beings as well as the wildlife but the brick kiln  Due to the nexus between the Director and responsible officials of Park Administration and Forest Department, no action is possible on these influential industrialists.

Fruit trees in villages are also drying up:
The fruitful orchards in the villages along with the forests are also drying up due to the brick kilns. Due to excessive heat generated during the cooking of bricks on the brick kiln operated in Benipurwa of the North Kheri Forest Division, about two hundred mangoes near the kiln is drying up. The tree orchard is also drying up.  There is a question mark on the forest department about how the forest department gave NOC to this brick kiln.