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बुधवार, 1 जनवरी 2020

125 students of Arvachin India School made an educational trip to the capital Bhopal

125 students of Arvachin India School made an educational trip to the capital Bhopal

Burhanpur (M.P)
Mahelka Ansari
Mirza Rahat Baig, Public Relations Officer of Arvachin India School, Burhanpur, said that a total of 140 members, including 125 students and 15 staff of Arvachin School, took a three-day tour of various places in Bhopal , and visited to the cultural heritage
Public relations officer of the organization Mirza Rahat Beg said that the truth has been told that traveling is a pleasant experience of life, which cannot be expressed in words. To keep life moving, one has to keep moving, because the stagnant water gets spoiled and life becomes boring.
Till we do not show the outside world to children, we will not be able to give them practical knowledge. You will not know the world without knowing your state, your country. Therefore, it is the endeavor of Arvachin India School that all students go on an educational trip once a year and assimilate the culture of unity in the diversity of their country.
In the same sequence, for the last three days, students of Arvachin India were visiting Bhopal, the state capital. The directory of the school, Mrs. Rakhi Mishra told that these children learned a lot of things while away from the world of mobile and television. In the journey, taking care of each other, taking care of everyone, along with it also enjoyed beautiful natural scenery. Bhojpur, Manav Museum, Bharat Bhawan, Government Buildings, Birla Mandir, Science Center, Crescent Water Park etc.