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शनिवार, 9 नवंबर 2019

Youth ate poison inside the police station, death occured, incident captured in Cctv

Youth ate poison inside the police station, death occured, incident captured in Cctv

Sandeep Tiwari
Krishna Kumar Pandey, a resident of Kamtana village under Amanganj police station in Panna district, has consumed poison inside the police station after being disturbed by fake report and police, there is resentment in the area since this sensational incident.
Krishna Kumar Pandey has died in Satna while undergoing treatment. According to the information received, Krishna Kumar Pandey was already in dispute with a woman named as a pyasi resident of Kamtana village.

she had filed the report several times
 A case of molestation was registered against Krishna Kumar Pandey, Krishna Kumar was constantly disturbed by this case filed 6 months ago, but today again her younger sister arrived to file a report. Family members allege that police was also harassing

Incident captured in cctv
When the woman arrived to write the report in the CCTV footage, after some time, Krishna Kumar Pandey also reached by motorcycle and he said that false report is being written, write my report as well, then there was some debate in the police station and after that he went to the bathroom Took the poison and said that I have eaten sulfas. Now write my report, a false report is being written against me.
 After this, when the family arrived, the wife of Krishna Kumar Pandey, who brought the emerald for treatment, has also accused the police of not getting immediate treatment and negligence after eating poison.
As soon as this incident came to know, treatment was done in the district hospital and witch declaration is also done as soon as the statement was made as soon as Krishna Kumar Pandey died on the way in which the Satna district post-mortem was done.

Krishna Kumar was the official of Brahmns society
Krishna Kumar Pandey was a divisional officer of the Brahmin society, he was the first to participate in social activities. Krishna Kumar Pandey's identity was made in the entire district in a short time and he has always come forward for this society. The people of the society have expressed grief since the incident.

The family is crying furiously

Since the incident, the wife and children have been crying furiously, the wife has accused the woman of constantly harassing and motivating her to commit suicide, the magistrate will conduct a real investigation

In this regard, SP Mayank Awasthi says that it is a serious matter Krishna Kumar Pandey has come to the police station and has consumed poison for this reason, we have taken it very seriously, we are considering to conduct a magisterial inquiry and a magisterial inquiry will be conducted in the incident and Strict action will be taken against the culprits who are accused by the family members of harassing the police

He said that soon the police station in-charge will removed from there and impartial action will be taken, no one should doubt the police proceedings as the entire incident is captured in CCTV cameras. Despite this, whatever will come up in the magisterial investigation, statutory drastic action will be taken, SP Mayank Awasthi has expressed grief over this whole incident.

And appealed to all people to maintain peace and patience, as well as post-mortem from Satna, the body of KK Pandey was sent to his village Kamatana with a heavy police force where his son gave him fire, although the CTV footage of police station Amanganj was not in front of the media. Due to which the double face of the police has been seen, the police has filed a case under Section 306 on 7 people including 3 women 4 men.