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सोमवार, 4 नवंबर 2019

UAE spy team arrested from Baghdad's Tahrir Square !!!

UAE spy team arrested from Baghdad's Tahrir Square !!!

By Sajjad Ali Nayani
Iraqi news sources have reported that several members of UAE's espionage team have been arrested from Tahrir Square in Baghdad.
An Iraqi radio channel on Sunday quoted security sources as saying that the Iraqi intelligence department has arrested a spy team from the United Arab Emirates, whose job was to pay money to protesters in Baghdad and other cities.

 This team includes many people from Lebanon and Iraq. The Saudul Iraq has reported that this UAE espionage team was carrying out extremely dangerous activities in Iraq aimed at toppling the government of Iraq. According to this report, the espionage team was in direct contact with Tahoon bin Zaid, the national security adviser to Imarat and the head of the intelligence department of the Foreign Ministry.

Tahun bin Zaid is the brother of the current ruler of UAE, Khalifa bin Zaid.

Iraq's Radio Saultul Iraq has reported that the UAE government is currently talking to Iraqi officials through some Western governments to address the matter. According to this report, two Lebanese citizens of this team were identified after the arrest of several dangerous people from the protesters at Tahrir Square.

 The team was distributing money to certain groups during demonstrations in Baghdad and also doing extensive activities in other areas.

According to this report, this team of the United Arab Emirates was trying to take the demonstrations in Iraq in the direction they wanted. The government of Iraq has not yet formally spoken about the identity and arrest of this spy team, but if confirmed, the arrest of the first foreign team to provoke people during the ongoing demonstrations in Iraq Will be.

 Earlier, several reports from the Iraqi Security Department emphasized that some social media personnel are instigating people for the ongoing demonstrations in Iraq and that these social media personnel are mainly from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Similarly, some political activists had reported that Saudi Arabian agents are distributing dollars among the protesters.

Photos and video clips of this effect also surfaced on social media.

It is known that two and a half thousand people have been killed and more than 11 thousand injured in two-stage demonstrations in October and beyond in Baghdad and many other provinces.