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रविवार, 10 नवंबर 2019

Today was the same day as usual in Handia,

Today was the same day as usual in Handia,

Vinod Pandey
 After the decision of the Ayodhya episode, there was no significant change in the atmosphere in the area, including Handia town, as was the routine of the people like normal days. But all the people did not get out of the houses before noon, there was silence on the markets road. the current scenario TCS

 No one expressed happiness and neither was in awe in the face, the administration was vigilant to keep the atmosphere peaceful after the decision of Ram Janmabhoomi case. Law and order remained on track after the verdict on Saturday. The idea was that people were shying away from expressing happiness or sorrow, the discussion of the verdict was on the street and in the streets everywhere, but everyone was saying that the Supreme Court has given the Supreme Verdict.

 In Handia area, where Deputy Collector Handia Subhash Chandra Yadav and Magistrate Majid Absar were posted with police force. The same Kotwal Handia Narendra Prasad also carried out flag marches in his areas keeping vigil with the May force.