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बुधवार, 6 नवंबर 2019

Today shri Satyanarayana will come out in the palki

Today shri Satyanarayana will come out in the palki
Bhajan number of Shri Khatu Shyam on Sunday, distributed prizes to winners in competitions

The current scenario

Pankaj sharma,Prem kumar
Shri Satyanarayana's palanquin and procession will be taken out on Tuesday under Sakal Panch Rathore Samaj Annakoot festival. In the evening there will be a festival of Annakoot of the community. Here, cultural competitions were being organized for the last three days under the festival. The winners in this competition were awarded on Monday. Giving information, media in-charge Dharmendra Rathore said that the cultural competitions started from 1 November.

Under this, rangoli, dress, 16 dressing in 1 minute, 2 general knowledge competition, dance competition. Awards were distributed to the winners on 3 November. At the same time, incentive prizes were given to all the participants. During this time, large number of dignitaries were present including Samaj president Girish Rathore, Annakoot festival president Lokendra Rathore, Temple construction committee president Sunny Rathore, Navyuvak Mandal president Jeanu Rathore.

Women took out vehicle rally
Taking the message of greater participation in Annakoot festival and the message of social solidarity and women empowerment, the girls and women of the society traveled on the main roads of the city on Monday evening in the form of a vehicle rally.

 The women of the society wore saffron dupattas, safes at Matri Shakti vehicle rally. Shri Rathore said that Annakoot Mahotsav is organized annually by the society on Avla Navami. Annakoot will be organized on Tuesday, November 5, at the Samaj Dharamshala site on Avla Navami.

Here is the winner
Cultural competitions organized by the society include first Urvashi Rajesh Rathore in Rangoli competition, second Sapna Rathore, third Kiran Anil Rathore, Aastha Vikram Rathore in Rangoli Junior, Riya Vijendra Rathore, Anjali Rakesh Rathore, first Kausi Vikas Rathore in Drawing competition, Second Jayshree Jitendra Rathore, third Siya Anil Rathore, Sheetal Gajendra Rathore in quiz competition, Sunita Jitendra Rathore, Kavita Akhilesh Rathore, in the Soulah Shringar competition, first Bhavna was Manish Rathore, Pooja Devendra Rathore was second and Hemlata was Lokendra Rathore, Sheetal Gajendra Rathore. In dance senior, first was Surabhi Anil Rathore, second was Chitranshi Rakesh Rathore and Yashaswi Rathore, third was Roshi Vijay Rathore. Anushka Sandeep Rathore I, Aarohi Rathore II, Nanvi Vishal in Dance Junior