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मंगलवार, 12 नवंबर 2019

Thandla Limdi Marg accident, one dead and one injured.

Thandla Limdi Marg accident, one dead and one injured.

Ali asgar bohra
The motorcycle collided with Jain bus number MP11P1110 near Julwania near Gangotri toll plaza on Thandla Limdi Marg. The collision between the two was so fast that the motorcycle rider Bhupesh's father Ramchandra Bhuria (19) Rajapura Thandla resident died, the condition of the woman with him remains serious, which Dr. Ravi Sharma and Pilot Rajendrasinh Dhaka of Police 108 Local Community Health Center Thandla Fetch from where first aid has been referred. tcs
The police have registered a case under section 184 of the Motor Vehicle Act along with Section 279/337 / 304A. Due to bad roads, there are no accidents - Gangotri toll is being charged heavily. Every year, Gangotri toll plaza is said to be collecting heavy tax in the name of maintenance on this route, whereas any facility on this route can be used for any type of service. Is not given by It has been a long time to repair the same road. Whenever an accident happens, two to four pits are filled by it.

 Sources reveal that the owner is only interested in recovery at this toll plaza running on the basis of the manager and the helper, while the CCTV cameras of this toll plaza are bad for a long time, the tax is being collected only from one side while the other. The side gates remain closed.

 Boards of tax charges levied by toll plazas have also been damaged and after the news of this representative, paint tax charges have been written on the tax house. Gangotri Toll Plaza is charging thousands of taxes daily, ignoring the rules. When we spoke to the local subdivisional officer JS Baghel in this matter, he too has given notice of the deterioration of the road and issued a notice to the Gangotri toll plaza and asked to appear in the office and reply.