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सोमवार, 4 नवंबर 2019

Shortage of teachers in secondary school Mohanpura Sankal Sarangi

Shortage of teachers in secondary school Mohanpura Sankal Sarangi

Education of students are affected
School of sarangi

Prem Kumar (sanjay Upadhyay)
Madhya Pradesh Government Education Department is implementing many schemes to promote education, but under Sarangi Complex, 155 students are registered in Secondary School Mohanpura, but the teacher here, Jeet Singh Rathore Vinod Kumar Patidar has only two teachers.

 In which there is a teacher BLO who is always out of election and government work, a teacher in charge is the head of the institution, who also teaches children with office work, the process of recruitment of guest teachers has been stopped in the past.

Now the appointment of guest teachers is also not being done, the subjects for which the post is vacant for appointment, there are not able to find teachers who are not available, there is very less attendance of students registered in the nearby schools.

 If there is a permanent appointment for the present time, then the operation of the school can be good to some extent so that the students are able to conduct their education systematically. The parents are worried about the future of their children due to the lack of teachers If the children are not being able to study with the future of the children, then how will these children progress?

 The villagers of the village have demanded from the MP MLA local public representative government administration that two teachers should be appointed immediately in Mohanpura School so that there is no impact on the future of the children and the education of the children can be done systematically.