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गुरुवार, 14 नवंबर 2019

Panchayat election nomenclature claims training was given.

Panchayat election nomenclature claims training was given.

Baag (M.P)
S.Khan Bharti
Kukshi CUO Virendra Kumar Srivastava, who is looking the work charge of the district panchayat on Wednesday afternoon in the district panchayat assembly hall. Bagh Block Education Officer Virbhan Singh Mandloi. BLO Master trainer Laxman Panwar District APO Vikas Arya gave training to Panchayat Secretary Employment Assistants for publication of Panchayat Election Rolls and claims objections.

In which everyone was told in training that the Election Roll containing the photo is being given, the Municipal Election Roll should be published in your own Panchayat and the claim object will run from 13 November 2019 to 21 November 2019.
In which someone's name is saved, the name should be increased. If someone has died or does not live here, his name is coming in two places, the person whose name is removed or the name has to be removed, that person should be of the same ward. Has gone wrong, the surname has not been written, it has to be arranged, and every Panchayat should be booked at the level, till the last day of the claim object till 03 o'clock.

 Block Education Officer of the application, Lirbhansih Mandloi, your government is complaining about the Janmitra Camps that are being organized before you come to work, while explaining to the secretaries that whatever scheme the government is running, its benefits should be given to the patients. Employment Assistants should be tried by the Secretary, the Panchayat can discharge 23 departmental responsibilities, widow pension, disabled pension and Dhda pension business plan used various schemes is likely to give themselves Panchayat.

 Food Department, PHE Electricity Board gave information about various departments. Along with that the secretaries should also make you aware of the people of your village, do not divert them, bring them any problem, then explain them in detail and your simple nature will also cool their anger and think about their benefit. And get the benefit of the scheme of governance as much as possible and make him benefit, your poor people of your village keep wandering somewhere.