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सोमवार, 4 नवंबर 2019

Organizing and tehsil successful meeting of tribal staff officer organization "Akas" Constitution of executive

Organizing and tehsil successful meeting of tribal staff officer organization "Akas"
Constitution of executive

Pankaj Sharma
Dhar (M.P)
The meeting of the Akas was held at the City Palace Hotel, Manavar, with Chief Guest SN Darro SDM Manawar, Special Guest CS Dhurveh Tehsildar Manawar and District President of the Akas headed by Dr. Rameshchandra Muvel, and Special Guide, Provincial Treasurer of Akas Mangilal Iqwale Senior Scientist Indore, Prof. Dara Singh Vaskel concluded in the presence of Dr. Pushparaj Chauhan.
The program was conducted by Mr. Munnalal Thakur. Tehsil President Dr. Sanjay Muvel Orthopedic Surgeon and Block President Antarsingh Solanki teacher etc. were appointed in the Manawar Tehsil Executive of Akas. The program commenced with garlanding the paintings of Babasaheb Birsa Munda.

 Addressing the program, Darro Saheb SDM Manawar said that as a mobilizer, he should pay his duty with honesty and loyalty to his role in the welfare of the society. Dr. Mouvel District President Akas threw light on the theme of Akas - "One step towards the village" and Prof. Dara Singh Vaskel invites  Highlighted the need and its importance.

Shri Mangilal Ikwale Ji spoke about the activities, achievements and future strategy of the Akas and Dharve Saheb Tehsildar Manawar emphasized unity and discipline through the Akas organization.
Newly appointed officials at the program were greeted by all the Akas family and all the official employees present in Manawar and were greeted and greeted by Pushpunchal. In the end, newly appointed officials, Dr. Sanjay Muvel and Antarsingh Solanki and all the officers present, took a pledge to add all the officers posted in Manawar tehsil to the Akas organization and assured that Akas in Manawar tehsil in the coming time. Let's take the caravan to high altitudes.

 Bundela ji expressed gratitude at the end of the program. The above information was given by District Media Incharge Shri Mahipalsingh Baghel.