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रविवार, 10 नवंबर 2019

Manipulation of millions of rupees in Deori Saubhagya scheme

Manipulation of millions of rupees in Deori Saubhagya scheme

Damage to consumer and power company due to collusion with officer and contractor

Satish sen
The ambitious good luck scheme (Saubhagya Yojna) of the Central Government, in which efforts were made to provide electricity to the homes of poor people, but with the connivance of the officials and contractors of the Deori Electricity Board, the Government has been fraudulent with consumers by causing loss of millions of rupees, for which senior officials are constantly Has been getting information even after which the officers have avoided the proceedings Based on the complaints received, information has been received that with the connivance of electrical department officials and contractors, electricity bills are being paid to consumers of urban and rural areas without connecting meters without connection. TCS the current scenario

 There are not only 10-20 examples of this type, this number is in the hundreds, according to the information, bills are being paid to consumers by making fake electricity connections in the urban area and 200 in the rural area, due to which the consumer power department is constantly rotating. Have been

 When the consumer goes in front of the electricity department, the senior officer asks them to submit the affidavit and electricity bill that you submit the affidavit and the bill, then your connection will end, after which the consumer is said to express his displeasure when Why not provide electricity bill and affidavit if connection is not made

What is the whole matter
 According to the information, Saubhagya scheme was started by the central government for the purpose of providing electricity to the poor and deprived families, according to the survey, the process of applying the connection or online application was adopted. to the contractor registered by the MPEB department pays about 4 thousand rupees, besides providing 1 meter.

 In which the payment process and physical verification is done with the signature from the lineman to the assistant engineer after the meter has been installed as per the rule, when the matter came to light when the complaint was made continuously by the applicants, even after the electricity supply of the meter was not done by the Electricity Department. Bills are being levied, after which electricity consumers were contacted after which it was revealed that it was only in figures of 10-20 Is not it but it is in the case of hundreds

How the fraud happened  When consumers were approached in urban and rural areas, it was found that the meter does not have an electrical connection and the bills are being given by the Electricity Department. Similarly, an application has been made by the applicant to install 1 meter while the family or his name of the same applicant But two bills are coming

2 meter numbers are mentioned on the same bill, similarly, even after no connection is made by a consumer, three bills are being given in his name. When the consumers were contacted, they told that the officials of the Electricity Department said that If you submit an affidavit that the above connection has not been made by me, then your connection will be terminated.

 After which consumers expressed their anger that neither we will pay the electricity bill nor submit any affidavit because no application has been made to install the meter by us, then why are we being paid the bill The poor did not get the benefit of (Saubhagya Yojna) good luck scheme