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सोमवार, 4 नवंबर 2019

Lifestyle changes are necessary to prevent cancer

Lifestyle changes are necessary to prevent cancer

Continuous increase in cancer cases in India
The current scenario
Doctors during press conference

By: Shazad Ahmad

New Delhi
With increasing population, sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits are leading to a steady increase in cancer cases.
Recent advances in understanding cancer have helped us develop better strategies to prevent and treat cancer. We are ready to deal with risk factors like smoking, obesity, physical inactivity etc.

 About two-thirds of cancers are caused by these types of risk factors and some are also caused by genetic factors. Therefore, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Patparganj, held a press conference in Bareilly today to raise awareness 

Over 22 lakh people are living with the diagnosis of cancer in India, and 11 lakh new cases of cancer are seen every year. Every year, about 8 lakh people lose their lives and this is the second leading cause of death in India.

 With this huge burden of disease and change in the life of the victim and the victim's family after diagnosis of cancer, it is necessary to raise awareness in the society to fight the challenges of this deadly disease.

Awareness of the various management strategies available to fight disease, including diagnosis, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormonal, and immunotherapy, goes a long way in making the right choice for prevention.
Cancer symptoms are much like other diseases, so timely diagnosis proves to be better for life.
  If a symptom persists for four weeks, cancer should be diagnosed by getting a doctor examined. It is a big truth that a person who delays diagnosis, his cancer becomes severe.
As the cancer stage progresses from 1 to 4, treatment becomes challenging. Therefore, never delay diagnosis.
Dr. Alok Narang, a surgical oncologist at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Patparganj, stated that, "A poor lifestyle with consumption of tobacco, alcohol and smoking doubles the risk of cancer.
 Therefore, it is very important that we bring changes in our lives, as well as annually health checkup is also necessary.

 This helps in timely diagnosis of diseases and treatment is also possible at the right time.

 Today, with the advancement in technology, the treatment of cancer has become possible till the fourth stage but to cure it completely is still a big challenge. ”