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शनिवार, 9 नवंबर 2019

In Jhabua, Hindu and Muslim communities accepted the decision of the Supreme Court with all consent.

In Jhabua, Hindu and Muslim communities accepted the decision of the Supreme Court with all consent.

Both the communities appealed to maintain peace in the country, including the city of Jhabua after the decision.

Ali asgar Bohra
In the last long pending A Ayodhya case, on December 9, Saturday at 10.30 am, the decision of the Honorable Supreme Court came in the capital of the country. In which the Supreme Court has rejected the claim of the Nirmohi Akhada and given dicision with Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas on the disputed land. Apart from this, it has been decided to give 5 acres of alternative land to Suni Waqf in Ayodhya itself.
The current scenario TCS
After this decision, which was the eyes of the whole country, we discussed with the heads of Hindu and Muslim sects and senior citizens in Jhabua, and they welcomed the decision of the Hon'ble Supreme Court and accepted it with all consent. And after the decision, both the communities including Jhabua city have appealed to maintain peace arrangements.
On the other hand, regarding this historic and biggest decision of the country in Ayodhya, the police was fully alerted with the central government about the security arrangements in different states of the country.
Schools and colleges remain closed, government offices also have a holiday
In Madhya Pradesh, a holiday was declared in schools and colleges on this day, while the Madhya Pradesh government had issued orders to keep liquor shops closed. Regarding this, in Jhabua city, the strong security of police security continued throughout the day. People were alerted by police administration through allowance at Jhabua's bus stand and Rajwada.With the introduction of Section 144, especially objectionable messages were banned on social media. On the other hand, due to Saturday being a day of governmental avocation and the closure of schools and colleges, peoples in the markets were also less than daily.
What is decision of SC
The Constitutional Bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi in the country's largest court Honorable Supreme Court in Delhi, the country's capital, took the decision and rejected the claim of Nirmohi Akhara and Shia Waqf Board. The disputed land has been given to the Raj Janmabhoomi Nyas in Ayodhya. At the same time, there has been a command to give land to Muslim side at a different place. The Supreme Court has ordered the government to form a trust. Sunni Waqf will get 5 acres of alternate land. The party Gopal Visharad has been given the right to worship.The government of Uttar Pradesh has been given the responsibility of giving land to the Muslim side. Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, reading the judgment, said that existing documents show that before 1885 Hindus did not worship inside. Riots occurred in 1934. Since then, exclusive rights to Muslims have not been in the inner enclosure.Musliman could not prove his monopoly since then. The Hindus continued to worship outside indisputably. The mosque structure was demolished on 9 December 1992. A Supreme Court bench on the Ayodhya dispute has issued a 1047-page decision. In this bench, Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi along with Justice SA Bobde, Justice Dhananjay Yashwant Chandrachud, Justice Ashok Bhushan and Justice Abdul Nazir ruled.
Both community accepted 'SC' court 
We welcome the decision of the Honorable Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is the most public court of the country. The constitutional bench has given this important verdict within about 4 months after the hearings and statements of the state and the three parties.
Yashwant Bhandari, senior social worker and senior Rotarian Jhabua.

Hearing of pending case for decades, atmosphere of happiness
This case was pending since decades ago. Today a decision has been taken in the Ayodhya case. This gives an atmosphere of happiness. The people of the country, including the Jhabua people, should maintain peace and order after this decision. Neerajinsa Rathore, President, Gross Merchants Association Jhabua.

Peace and prosperity in the country including Jhabua
 We all judge the Honorable Supreme Court's decision. This decision was not a decision of any caste or religion but a land dispute, whose decision has come today. Unity and brotherhood are maintained with peace and prosperity in the country including Jhabua, this is the duty of all of us. Murtaza Khan, District Sadar, Muslim Panchayat Jhabua
India will be on the path of country development
- I welcome the decision of the Honorable Supreme Court. now the government of the country will take the country towards development and pay attention to the path of development of India. All my Hindu and Muslim religions are requested to rise above the issues of religion and society and consider the national interest as the highest interest and meditate on the nation's interest.
Dr. Wahid Sheikh Raj Faraj 'senior litterateur and senior Jhabua of Muslim society.
Peace keeping in the district
After the decision in the Ayodhya case, I have not been informed of any dispute or incident of any kind anywhere in the district. In the coming days, there is an appeal from all the district residents to cooperate with the police administration in maintaining law and security.
Vineet Jain, Superintendent of Police, Jhabua.