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शनिवार, 2 नवंबर 2019

Heavy rain destroyed crops of farmer in maharashtra's satar district

Heavy rain destroyed crops of farmer in maharashtra's satar district

By- Arvind Jadhav
Satara (Maharashtra)
A large part of the Satara district cultivates rice in the rain. Since this area is mountainous, it is cultivated only on the rain water, so most farmers like rice and it has followed a tradition. This year's rain has broken all its records and set a new record.

 The areas that were once craving for rains have also turned into floods, leaving the main roads of the country not leaving the banks, and the main roads have also been submerged in rain, due to which the rainfall is forecast.

Satara district is recognized as a district of the dam because of the rain in this mountainous region. Now even in the month of November, the rains have established their work, which is more than two months. At present, there is turbidity in the cultivated land, hence the crop is ruined.

Farmers begin harvesting this crop at the end of August and beginning of October. And rice is fixed and sold in the market. With this money, a year is passed and a festival like Diwali is celebrated by the farmers with this money. But the crop is still present in the field and that too in a destroyed condition. This Diwali farmer will always remember this. In the month of August, the harvested grass is stored for the animals, but this grass is also completely lost and destroyed. Due to this, there is an earthquake crisis in front of animals.

Yesterday, farmer leader Vikrambaba Patankar told the media that in this regard, the government has to pay serious attention to this matter and now how will these farmers spend all year? It is important to find an option for this also. Worst of all was the destruction of grass and also demanded to set up camps for animals.