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शनिवार, 2 नवंबर 2019

Flex of BJP's newly elected MLA torn in Chandur railway

File a complaint with the police

By Zafar khan
Chandur Railway

An unidentified man broken flex at the Chandur Railway town of Amravati district during the midnight. The flex of his congratulations to BJP newly elected MLA Pratap Adasad.
A complaint has been registered with the Chandur Railway Police.
BJP candidate Pratap Adasad had defeated Congress candidate in the recent assembly elections. Likewise, BJP workers in Chandur Railway city had congratulated the candidates for the election and had made a 6-8 flex of Diwali greetings.
The flex were torn by someone during the night. As soon as the matter was revealed on Saturday, activists have expressed their dissatisfaction over the actions filed by the police.