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शुक्रवार, 8 नवंबर 2019

Farmer commits suicide due to debt in Maljipura

Farmer commits suicide due to debt in Maljipura

Dewas District
Dipak sharma
The state's Kamal Nath government is making debt waiver claims, but the ground reality is telling differently. Even today the farmer is wandering to get manure and seeds. Similar issue has come up in village Maljipura of Kannod tehsil of Dewas district.
 Where a tribal farmer has ended his life by hanging himself after being troubled by debt. According to the information received, the tribal farmer Karan Singh father of village Maljipura, Pancha Chauhan was 40 years old and owed a loan to the bank and society and due to the loan the farmer could not get fertilizer seeds. Due to which the farmer was depressed for the last 3 days, the surrounding farmers got sown.

Due to non-sowing in his field, he hanged himself in his house on Thursday evening after making a noose of rope, when no one was present at the house when, daughter and wife of the deceased farmer, returned home after working from the field, he was died. On seeing the hanging, she lost her senses and the daughter of the farmer informed her family members, the family arrived on the spot, Kannod Khategaon MLA Ashishal.MLA helped economic with Rs 5000 to the family of farmer.

He said to help in every possible way, he also reached the spot. Kannod police also reached the spot.there are two son of the deceased farmer and three girls. Anil, the boy of the farmer, while telling the Congress government wrong, if the Congress government forgives our debt, then our father would not commit suicide. Due to the debt of father's forehead, the society did not give him fertilizer seeds. The bank also had debt on my father due to the debt, my father committed suicide.