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रविवार, 10 नवंबर 2019

Due to poverty, children deprived of education will now go to school: SP Bhasin

Due to poverty, children deprived of education will now go to school: SP Bhasin

 Courtesy of Collector Anurag Chaudhary and Cabinet Minister Pradyuman Singh

Gwalior RJ
Sandip Shukla
The courtsy of the minister and the collector, the poor children who do not go to school in the Naka area of ​​the four cities.they will go now
Every child dreams that he will grow up to be Rajababu, but the family's financial troubles make the Obstacles in good education the current scenario TCS

 Every child has skills. Every child can grow up and become a successful person. He is just late for the opportunity. To ensure that all children get equal opportunities for education, the government has done the task of providing equal education to all. On Tuesday, Food and Civil Supplies Minister, Mr. Pradyuman Singh Tomar was on a tour of Hazira region.

He was accompanied by Collector Shri Anurag Chaudhary, Superintendent of Police Shri Navneet Bhasin and Municipal Corporation Commissioner Shri Sandeep Makin. During the tour, when the children saw them walking together, they called them nearby and gave chocolate and asked why you did not go to school, then the children told that our parents do not have money, they do wages. TCS

 On hearing this, the Collector directed SDM Mr. Pradeep Tomar to get all the children enrolled in the school and also ensure copy, book, dress and other necessary arrangements. He also announced to give Rs 1100 - 1100 to the children. Minister Shri Pradyuman Singh Tomar also announced to give 5 - 5 thousand rupees to each child for education.

Collector gave instructions to get these children admitted During the cleanliness drive, SDM Mr. Pradeep Tomar gave instructions to identify four children identified by the Minister Mr. Tomar and Collector Mr. Chaudhary and get them admitted to the school. They include Rajpal Baghel son Shri Bhogiram Baghel resident Indra Nagar, Rameswar Batham son Shri Brijmohan Batham resident Ranipura, Priyanshu Bhadoria son Shri Satish Bhadoria resident Indra Nagar, Gaurav Bhadoria son Shri Roop Singh Bhadoria resident Lootpura.