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बुधवार, 6 नवंबर 2019

Development works of Ward-2 Bharatnagar should be carried out immediately: - Syed Nasir

Development works of Ward-2 Bharatnagar should be carried out immediately: - Syed Nasir.
People's democratic organization warned against agitation

Zafar khan
Since the entire Bharat Nagar area including the newly incorporated Shiloda, Sanjay Nagar, in the Municipal Corporation, there has been no development in the area since Akola was incorporated within the limits of the Municipal Corporation. There are no roads, no roads and no drains to carry sewage, so there is no regular cleaning. Citizens are suffering in hell
Sayed Nasir and other at AMC
 On a rainy day, there is debris everywhere because there is no light, so the Empire of Darkness is always spread, so no one dares to leave the house at night.In such a situation, if any person becomes ill, they have to face many problems to take them to the hospital. To make available Work there

 Since you have a duty officer to evacuate the common people from these situations for good health, they should work to provide drainage, good roads, pathways and health facilities for the people of this area.
The current scenario

A demand for such a demand has been issued by the Municipal Commissioner, under the leadership of the founder of the Jan Lok Sabha, Syed Nasir.  The city of Bharat and its localities have been ignored despite repeated demands for these demands, so the citizens here have been suffering from hell for many years, thus resolving their problem immediately.

 The statement said that they would have to agitate on behalf of the organization and the responsibility of the AMC would be solely responsible for it. Under the leadership of Syed Nasir, Mohammad Idrees, Nasir Shah, Nazim Shah, Ranjit Wagh, Baba Bhai, Wasim Sheikh, Saddam Shah. , Had a prominent presence