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शुक्रवार, 15 नवंबर 2019

Compromising with own values for the sake of Power.

Compromising with own values for the sake of Power.

By Rizwan Khan,(working journalist).
“Everything is fare in Love and war”is true, but not in hurry and madness. That’s what seems to be in Marashtra’s present political situation.Maharashtra has been in political uncertainty since October 24 when Assembly Election results were declared. Right from the results, BJP was seen avoiding government formation after Sena claimed for equal share in the power with 50-50 formula. The argument between Sena-BJP alliance went on high more than 2014 situation. TCS the current scenario
Later the development led a possibility of unusual alliance among three completely different ideological parties including Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress. However all are claiming their efforts are in favor of Maharashtra and not for gaining power.
The idea of rival parties’ coalition was observed with different perspectives. Some section of political and media groups said that it’s BJP Chif Amit Shah’s master stroke to be silent and play a key role after the drama is over. Some said that it is congress which diverted Sena’s mind luring it’s outside support as Pritiv Raj Chawan’s initial statement. Some also raised question over the role of Sharad Pawar as NCP house leader Ajit Pawar send a letter to governor asking more time in hurry, allowing governor to make a way for president rule before Prime Minister Modi’s foreign tour. Despite all these nothing is happened and the possibility of government formation without BJP is still alive. However to make it easy each party has to step forward with common goal.

Common agenda?
No doubt the partners are trying to get best in the power. They are working on common minimum program, so that they can find a way to work peacefully despite their ideology. Initially it is said that Shiv Sena and NCP will form the government with congress outside support. But NCP chief Sharad Pawar seems not in hurry keeping in mind congress’s blackmailing strategy in future. Therefore he will make congress bound to get it into power sharing,

Compromise with the ideology?
Shiv Sena is always vocal for its Hindutav ideology. It has been always supporting the Hindutav agenda in the state. Now for Sena it has become easy to shake hand with other parties after the Ayodya verdict. Other issues related to Hindutav are not seems to be alive in the state. Therefore it’s not difficult for Sena to continue without Hindutav. While reacting on coalition with congress and NCP Sena has already answered BJP with its tie with PDP chief Mahebuba Mufti and with Nitish Kumar in Bihar.

What about congress’s secularism?
Of course congress is claimed a party with secular school thought. As the majority of Muslims and other minority is associate with it. But in recent time Modi’s Hindutav changed the mood of the majority community resulting congress turmoil. Due to BJP and MIM factor congress is also on soft Hindutav path. So it’s not difficult for congress to adjust in the current situation.

NCP’s chief is know for “Master of One and Jack of All” . Although BJP calls him opportunistic. But his way of politics allow everyone to adjust when it comes to power.