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रविवार, 10 नवंबर 2019

celebrated Eid-e- milad with pomp

Celebrated Eid-e- milad with pomp

Vijay Kumar
Ambedkar Nagar
The festival of Baravafat is being celebrated with pomp in the region. On the occasion of this festival, there was a festive atmosphere in other markets including Baskhari, Kichhachha and Masada. To decorate the beauty of the former, the streets in Baskhari town are decorated like brides with skirts and colorful balloons. TCS the current scenario

People were seen hugging each other in the beautiful atmosphere of celebrations and congratulating Baravafat. During this time an attractive and huge grand gate was constructed under the auspices of Baskhari Anjuman Ashike Rasool. It was inaugurated jointly by Mohammad Asif Raine, Aftab Raine with lace cut.

 Members of the committee were Shoaib Akhtar, Monu, Sonu Rain, Afzal, Sarik, Naushad Rain, Ashraf, Abdul Rahim, Ehtesham Khan, Kalim Ansari, Abdul Rahim, Raja Babu, Mohammad Irfan Kotedar, Mohammad Rizwan alias Katta Khan.were present