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शनिवार, 2 नवंबर 2019

Bhim Army's 10-day ultimatum against the false FIR made against City Council President Vaidya

Sihor MP Correspondent

In protest against the false FIR made on the city council president Shailesh Bheem, the Bhim Army reached Javar Nagar in large numbers and protested and also demanded the suspension of TI Javar Yogendra Yadav and senior police officers in this case It has been asked to install the account and after giving 10 days time, if the Javar Ti is not suspended then the Bhim Army will make a big movement.
It may be known that the statement of Kabir Saheb was posted on social media by Prophet Vaidya, who was deliberately spread rumor by some people and said to be anti-religious and did agitation without permission.And the work of insulting the city council president Vaidya even with casteist words was done by those people whose written complaint was made in the police station by NAP president Shailesh Vaidya but under the political pressure by TI Javar Shri Yogendra Yadav, the NAP president is valid but baseless fact Made a false FIR and had to go to jail Due to which there is anger among the scheduled caste society and other organizations of the entire district, Ambedkarite organizations, taking this matter into cognizance, organized a movement in Javar Nagar under the leadership of the Bhima Army in support of Naam President Vaidya, in which mainly Bhima Army state in-charge Sunil Astey ji Bhima Army state in-charge NAP president Vaidya under false political conspiracy FIR has been framed.And no action has been taken by the police jawar on the caste ambivalence that has been done to them, we are agitating today and within 10 days if TI Jawar is not removed and the Atrocity Act and rioting on those people If the case is not registered under the sections, then the Bhim Army will launch a fierce movement after 10 days, the administration will have all the responsibility for it.on this occasion State in-charge sunil astey, sihor district prisedent ajay parmar,dewas district sachin sanwaliya,and many more Bhim army worker was present